Dynamic Landing Pages: 300% Conversion Increase

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Attract and keep clients through landing pages that are strong and effective.

Having trouble boosting your lead generation? Are your landing pages boring?

One way you can bring more traffic to your website is by redesigning your landing pages into dynamic landing pages. If you use specific targeting you can increase your lead conversion rate by up to 300 percent. That’s a big increase.

Leads are important in marketing and you can’t really do much without leads. If you want more leads, you have to start with making an improvement to your landing pages. In this article we will cover how you can engage your leads and make the most of your marketing.

Dynamic Landing Pages: What are they?

How do dynamic landing pages increase leads?

Your business is on the right track if you are already using landing pages on your website. Landing pages secure lead information when visitors come to your website. This information provides great insight to your potential clients and provides you with a better understanding of who they are.

Dynamic landing pages will help you to take your marketing to the next level. They adapt to user’s actions by learning the user’s interests and are able to show different messages to different users.

When users are looking for a specific thing on the internet, they will type in a particular keyword. A dynamic landing page can adjust itself to insert the particular keyword the user typed in throughout the page copy. They can also adjust the headline of the page as well. When a user is looking at the page, they will be shown more specific information than what a regular landing page has to offer.

What Makes a Page Relevant?

Creating high-quality leads comes from customizing the content that users come in contact with on our websites. One example is personal email. They improve click-through rates by 14%  and conversion rates improve by 10%. This shows just how important it is to customize websites for users.

Users like when what they read or see something that they feel speak directly to them. They like feeling like their needs are being met. Dynamic landing pages help in identifying the individual needs of the users and shows them that your business can help meet their needs.

The message of your page will change when a user or client has visited your website already. Dynamic landing pages can be modified based on the status of the leads you receive. The call to action may vary as the funnel stage changes based on lead status.

The data collected on a user can be personalized for relevancy. Things such as age, sex, location, time they visited your site, etc. can be helpful information to make your site more personal to them.

Page Set Up

Data analytics pair with dynamic landing pages to use customized embedded codes. They have the ability to recognize certain values and stages of both current and potential clients.

You still have to set up predetermined values as required by dynamic landing page. You have to choose the headlines and keywords, that you can learn from your clients, are most important. This will bring your marketing to the next level.


Headlines are important when it comes to reaching users. When you are creating a headline, you want it to be sincere and inform the user what they’re going to read next. Using keywords in your headline is very crucial. They will inform the user of the specific information they will receive. You want your headline to be clear because if you aren’t, you could lose a potential client away.

Body Text

The body text of of your page is very important. What you put in the body of your page can either bring users in or push them away. If you have significant data in the body text of your page, the people visiting your page will be engaged. If you mention something about dogs in your headline but talk about cats in your body, then it will be completely irrelevant. If your visitors clicked on something because of the headline and the body doesn’t match, they will lose interest and you could lose a potential client. The headline and body copy must match.

You will get converting leads in no time if you have a body copy that speaks to your users and lets them know that you know about their problem and can help them.

Call To Action Buttons

Some marketers would argue that the call to action is the most important part of your entire page. The call to action button on dynamic landing pages is your opportunity to make a sale.

Forgetting to include this or not having a clear message on the button could cost you a sale. However, if the phrase resonates with the audience, they will likely click on it.

Best Practices of the Dynamic Landing Page

There are a few best practices that go along with building dynamic landing pages and regular landing pages. These are helpful tips to keep you in tune with SEO best practices.


Do not use too many keywords in your content on your page. Using too many keywords can lead to poor SEO rankings. On top of that, it provides a poor user experience. It’s obvious when too many keywords are being used because it’s often unnatural and doesn’t make sense.


You want to place your dynamic text on your landing pages in places that are considered “reader hotspots.” Areas like the page title, headers, and the call to action button would be considered hotspots. These places are a good place to start when placing your dynamic text. You will want to allow these parts on your page to change dynamically with each specific user.

Use Engaging Content

Every second that a user is on your page, is a second closer they are to becoming a client. If you’re writing things that are irrelevant, not specific to the user, or just plain boring, you need to change your process.

You need to make sure that your content is clear and thought out so you can provide the best experience for your visitor so they could become a client. You need to have a clear call to action and tell them exactly what they will get if they click on your button.

If you follow these practices will help your landing page to be successful. Using dynamic landing pages doesn’t require more time or cost to implement, so that’s always a plus!

Are Dynamic Pages Right For You?

How do you know if dynamic pages are right for you? You just learned all about dynamic pages and how the work, what they do, and how they can generate more leads. They are free and require little effort to set up, so are they for you?

Dynamic pages are for anyone that is currently using landing pages in their marketing. The more targeted and specific you can be with your messaging, the more you will resonate with your potential client base.

If you’d like more information about this topic and how to grow your business, reach out to us today.

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